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Grease Monkey - Rockford #185

817 W Riverside Blvd,  Rockford,  IL 61103
(815) 877-5823


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Patrice J.
Rockford, IL
11/8/2015 12:46 PM ETZ
" I'm a first time customer and my experience was great! The service was quick and I loved the fact the mechanic informed me on everything! I plan to return! "

Prudence C.
Rockford, IL
10/13/2015 5:44 PM ETZ
" Polite, quick, and helpful "

Jenny K.
Rockford, IL
10/9/2015 5:30 PM ETZ
" Justin and the technicians are always so helpful and accommodating. Service is provided professionally and completed in a time efficient manner. I am told about the additional repair services provided and this saves me a lot of time and money by not having to go to the dealership. "

Rockford, IL
2/18/2015 4:35 PM ETZ
" I came in for an oil change and as they were performing the under the hood tasks, the serviceman pointed out to me that one of my belts was hanging off of the tensioner and that was also rusty. Even though I have no idea of what they were really showing me, I did greatly appreciate the fact, that they took the time to show me. A new part was ordered and delivered, showed me the difference in the new and old part and a new belt as well. Taking the time to show me what a problem looked like, added more trust to the company. I didn't feel like they were taking advantage of me. Thank you for that! "

Katherine B.
Rockford, IL
1/14/2015 1:01 PM ETZ
" I liked how they called out to double check everything so it wasn't forgotten. "

Garlen F.
Rockford, IL
9/25/2014 11:29 AM ETZ
" It was a great experience!!! "

Kevin B.
Rockford, IL
9/23/2014 11:08 AM ETZ
" The technicians offered to do a tire rotation which my car did need. Had they not asked I would have forgotten about it. Thank you for your efforts it's appreciated! "


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